Empowered Wellness

Empowered Wellness is a Holistic Wellness Center focusing on personalized holistic nutritional coaching, neuro-nutrient therapy, nutrition and lifestyle assessment, Reiki therapy and meditation. What do you want to change? Do you want to lose weight or feel more energetic? Do you want to lose the sadness, fatigue and anxiety that make living at times seem painful? Or do you want to feel less burdened by the toxins of life? Come explore and experience the many different treatment modalities that  can help you achieve these goals in a natural, safe, effective way. All recommendations and programs are tailored to the individual. Contact Aimee Phlegar to schedule an appointment or for further information.

Health / Beauty Nutrition

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Downtown Manhattan

Capture the style and spirit of Downtown Manhattan. With over 260 retail, service, and professional businesses located in our downtown district, it serves as a unique location for specialty shopping, community events, and activities.

Poyntz Avenue Projects

Downtown Manhattan is growing by leaps and bounds. We have many construction projects in full swing. We are working on improving navigation through our district as well as preparing for a larger population, regional economic demands and revitalization through development. Learn More.

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